From the Fields of our Farm to your Family'sTable

Many people walk through our farm store door in search of food ingredients they can trust. Maybe you're trying to feed your family nourishing food or you're in search of meat that tastes like you remember it as a kid. We provide meat and eggs raised with love and respect to the animals, the earth, and you, our community! 

Welcome to Deep Roots Farm, we can't wait to meet you!

How It Works

1 Place Your Order Online

Browse our selection of delicious pasture-raised meats and place your order for farm pickup or Pawtucket Wintertime Market.

2 Pickup at Farm Store

Pickup at the farm is in the farm store. In inclement weather a cooler will be placed at end of driveway.

3 Or.. Visit Us at Pawtucket Wintertime Market

We're at the Pawtucket Wintertime Market every other week at Hope Artiste Village until the end of April.

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