Hi, I'm Katie Steere.

With all the information out there today on what's "healthy", it can be confusing and overwhelming to try to plan healthy, nutritious meals for your family. 

Twelve years ago I was just entering college and trying to figure out what was actually healthy. I read a book about veganism and decided it was the food diet for me. Four years in, my hair was falling out, I had an eating disorder, and I was deficient in basically every vitamin I could be. My journey back to health and eating consciously ultimately led me to quit my job in commercial banking and leave Silicon Valley behind to rebuild my family's seventh generation farm here in Rhode Island.

I've learned to stop listening to the nutritional news and start eating real food that's grown by people that I can trust. I've chosen to devote my life to providing just that, real food grown by someone you can trust, to you. If you're looking for a farm to provide your real food ingredients, then visit our historic farm for your pasture-raised meat and eggs.

-Katie Steere, Deep Roots Farm


Deep Roots Farm operates on historic Steere Farm in Chepachet, RI. The farm has been in the Steere Family since the late 1700’s. For generations, through the hard work and ingenuity of the Steere Family, it provided food, dairy, lumber, and even electricity through a water-powered mill to our local communities. In the 1970’s, like many small farms, it fell victim to “you can’t make a living off farming anymore”. In 2016, Katie Steere moved home to bring her family’s legacy back to life.


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