Beauty and Discomfort, and our CSA Signup is Open!

January 22, 2019

Yesterday the thermometer never rose above one degree F on the farm. It was COLD. The kind of cold that if my nose popped out of my face cover while I was driving the tractor, it immediately started to hurt. Luckily I was bundled to the max right down to my insulated hiking boots and wool socks. 


As I moved around my morning, slowly since everything was a sheet of ice, I kept noticing moments where I wanted to take a photo. The cows looking at me, annoyed because I made them leave the barn while I cleaned it, against the bright blue sky. The waterfall through the trees. The icicles on the roof of the corn crib. And I got to thinking. If I'm being honest, I do not like the cold weather. Or the winter. It's grey, cold, and dark, and I struggle with depression all winter long. Thank you Motherwort and St John's Wort tincure! Anyway, I would not choose to go outside into the cold if I didn't have to. Obviously the animals don't care and demand the same if not more attention when the thermometer dips. They force me out into the cold, and into the beauty. I couldn't help but wonder if everything would have seemed so beautiful if it wasn't so cold. If I didn't feel like I might be one of the few outside on that day enjoying it. 


I think there's a lot to say about pushing ourselves into discomfort. Learning to bear it and to learn from it. Once I finally got back inside a few hours later, I felt like I might never be warm again. I mentioned before that I am making a big effort this year for self-care. And so, I took myself down to Raffa Yoga in Cranston and sat in their series of five different saunas for three whole hours until I was warm right down to the bone. 


Then, I went home and worked on getting my CSA signup up on the website, and voila! Summer CSA signups are open. This is going to be a wild year for Deep Roots (what year isn't though, right?). I'm moving farms, amping up production, and generally just going for it! And in that light, I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart if you signed up for our CSA. It would give me a little bit of help in gauging demand for the year and also help with providing working capital when I need it most. In return, you'll get a discount and first dibs on Thanksgiving turkeys! I'm offering pickups at the old farm in Chepachet and the new farm in Cranston. Also toying around the idea of a Providence pickup, let me know if you'd be interested! 

I'm offering five convenient and delicious options and you can sign up here. Questions? Visit the FAQ section or email me at

With Love,

Farmer Katie

Katie Steere


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