January 22, 2019

What are the benefits to your CSA?
-  Cost Savings- To us, you’re providing critical working capital when we need it most. In return, you’ll receive a discount on our products. 5-10% depending on your share size.
-you get to choose what you’d like. We know a pack of chicken legs doesn’t work for a family of five, and a four pound roast doesn’t work for a single person. Enjoy the cost savings of a CSA with the convenience of choosing when and what you would like.
-Dibs on Thanksgiving turkeys. These are the most delicious turkeys you’ll ever eat. Trust us, you’ll want one.

What is the duration of the CSA? 
The Deep Roots Farm Summer CSA will run from May 1-October 31st. 

How do I pay?
A $100 reserves your spot in our CSA. You can pay this online. The balance of your CSA share is due on or before May 1st by cash or check. Credit cards may be used but will be charged a 3% processing fee. If it’s within your ability, we would greatly appreciate any early payments.

Can I use my credit after October 31? 
No, your credit expires on October 31st.

What if I use all of my credit before the end of the CSA? 
No problem, you will be able to use your discount code until the end of the CSA.

How do pickups work?
Glocester Farm Store- The farm store will be open Saturdays and Sundays 10-1 and Fridays 2-5 starting in July.
Providence Armory Market- Thursdays 3:30-7 

If I decide that I want to drop out halfway through the season, can I get a refund? 
No, we cannot afford to give refunds. The CSA share is non-refundable. 

What can I not use my CSA for? 
CSA credit cannot be used for gift cards, holiday turkeys, or anything that Deep Roots Farm did not make/sell. ie. You cant use the CSA card for veggies or local honey at our farm store. If I manage to accomplish my goal of growing flowers this year, you can use your CSA card for flowers! 

Can I still get a Thanksgiving turkey?
Yes! CSA members get dibs on our Thanksgiving turkeys. We’ll have an early signup in March and then again in September.

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