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February 6, 2019 • 0 comment(s)
Last week I went to the new farm with a piece of paper in my hands. It outlined all the animals I will have on the new farm this year, the building projects I need to complete, field work, and some other things I thought Tony, the landowner, should know. I was so nervous to just hear a flat no to my whole plan. So with a somewhat timid voice, I read out my list. And at the end, I looked up nervously and waited. "Yea, ok." I think my head may have reeled back in shock when I heard those words from Tony. "OK?" I asked. "Yea," said Tony. Then we took a walk around the farm. I'll be honest. The place is in rough, rough shape. But in place of the overgrown brush, I can see pigs romping around in pasture. In place of a run down old barn, I can see it with a fresh coat of white paint and sharp black windows just like it was when it was built in 1948. And in the forest of young trees, I can see silvopasture and cows grazing. It needs work, but I can't imagine doing anything better in my life than bringing that farm back to its prime and turning it over to the younger generation.

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