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Home Delivery: How It Works

When do you deliver to my area? We have four delivery zones that we deliver to once per month on Fridays. Enter your zip code while you're making a profile and you'll be notified as to when your delivery day is.

How does delivery work?
 Place your order on our website. On the day of delivery, leave out a cooler. Your order will be delivered into the cooler in an insulated tote. Please return the tote with your next order! Accounts will be charged $6 if they don't return bags.

What is the minimum order? Since we're a teeny business and not Amazon, we have a minimum order of $79. We only delivery to each zone once per month so this allows you to place one larger order. Our meats are all frozen so you can keep them in the freezer until you need them.

How much is delivery? Delivery is $15 or free if you spend over $199. Yay! (Bulk meat orders such as half pigs and cows do not qualify for free delivery)