Grass-Fed Beef

Are you ready to try the best burger of your life? Look no further than our 100% grass-fed beef. I am regularly told that our ground beef is the best beef people have ever had. If you're cooking for a special occasion, our steaks are second to none, and for a hearty meal you can throw in the crock pot and forget about, try one of our roasts. Our animals are raised here from birth and only fed hay from our own fields. 


Non-GMO Pastured Pork

Mmmm, bacon. Our bacon is delicious. But, do you know what's almost even better? Our Maple Breakfast Sausage. I've eaten it almost every day for the past two years! Mix our Italian sausages into pasta or a veggie stir fry, or grill them up and enjoy the crispy delight. Our pigs are raised happy and healthy and you can taste and see the difference in their meat!

Non-GMO Pastured Chicken

A whole chicken is a budgeter's dream. Bake for dinner one night, make soup or tacos the next night, and then make a delicious and nourishing bone broth. We also offer separate cuts including breast, legs, wings, and backs.