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Why Us?

In 2016 our founder, Katie Steere, moved back to Rhode Island to build a farm with these guiding principles: Heal the Land. Love the Animals. Nourish the people. A lot at Deep Roots Farm has changed in the past few  years but we've never strayed from these guiding ideals. 

We raise the highest quality meats we can imagine while regenerating the land, paying reverence to the animals we raise, and working to become a contributing member of our community. We go to great lengths to source our inputs locally, like our amazing piglets from Remington at Pondbrook Farm, in order to build local economy and reduce our dependence on large corporations. What this means for you is food you can feel good about eating. Incredibly delicious, packed with nutrients, and not relying on the exploitation of people or our environment like most food at the grocery store. 

At Deep Roots Farm, we're not just raising food, we're also taking a stand against corporate greed and industrial food. We hope you'll join us. 

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